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Baby Scream

Baby Scream is an indie band from Buenos Aires in Argentina. Juan (Vocals and guitars), Hernán Pascual (Lead guitar), Raúl Marcos (Bass) and Claudio Salas (Drums)

Baby Scream

Baby Scream

Val Doonican came to mind watching the band sit as Baby Scream played, but it makes sense. The complex instrumentation singles out the band for a listen. Would the tortured English be better in native Spanish, well to my ears probably yes, but that is a minor point when sat alongside the superb compositions.

There is a sense that all is well while listening to the band, times gone past, good memories and a future which looks as comforting, deflecting the audience away from a world in turmoil, thank you Baby Scream for reminding me there is more to life than the here and now.

This is music for a night with friends and I can find myself drawn to a relaxing evening, an easy supper and the wine flowing freely. Not that it becomes wallpaper paste, there is far more to offer. Baby Scream delve in to the recesses of back catalogues and pose relevant music for the listener. An engaging instrumental meanders across the good times, as conversation flows, driven on by the feel good factor that is Baby Scream.


The LP Secret Place is available on Secret Place - Baby Scream*

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*Purchases made through the Secret Place - Baby Scream link will result in the indie bands blog earning a commission.

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