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No:carrier is Cynthia Wechselberger and Christian Wirsig - an electro-noire duo originally from Ingolstadt in Germany but now straddling between the USA and Germany. Slathered in dripping gothesque No:carrier add a wonderful splash of purple to the day. Some sounds and voices just set the frame for an extended BDSM weekend and No:carrier fit the bill smartly. I could […]

Mincer Ray

Graham, Cate and Sean make up Mincer Ray the retro-rock band from Berlin in Germany. This feels so retro – I got in to a time-capsule – but it spat me out and suggested I take another listen and we find, whilst resonating of days gone by a currency in material that perfectly suits the mood […]

Pauline Andrès

Pauline Andrès is a singer song-writer based in Berlin - Germany who originally emanates from France with an alternative take on Country delivered with a wry smile. Collaborating with others such as Jack Cassel, her songs are created from bar-room stories across Europe and hence she describes her music as liquor soaked alt-country – which is as good a […]

Mont Go

Mont Go is a rock band from Cuxhaven in Germany comprising Olly Lagemann (Bass), Stephan Wagner Krüger (Vocals / Drums) and Marco Paladino (Guitar). It was a little while ago that I was connected to Mont Go and they have sat in my inbox for far too long. On a day like the one I have had […]


Millennium is the electronica duo of Norman Palm and Ville Haimala from Berlin in Germany. Confidence saunters in to the room as Millennium deliver a sound that sits proud of its era. Reflecting on the age of facility at its height, the duo cock-a-snook to the world around with scant regard. Accessible on the formulae of the music alone, they […]


The alternative electro-pop duo Vimes from  in Germany is Azhar Syed and Julian Stetter. Taking strides towards organ music, Vimes has a breathy floating sound that flows around the room as they take the latest electronics kit for a run out and veil it inside a Cathedral like experience. There is plenty of echo and distance to keep the listener engaged with the […]


From Berlin in Germany we find Beate von Shuffle (Drums), Skeet (Synths) and Vadot (Guitar / Vocals) who make up the electro-retro band Vadot. Busy gnarling away at the shins, you will find Vadot with their retrospective of the world which despite the East- West Wall being destroyed stills feels of the same oppression, Delightfully encapsulated in […]

NHK Koyxzen

NHK Koyxzen – based in Berlin, Germany and originally from Osaka in Japan is the experimental techno / hip-hop musician and contemporary artist Kouhei Matsunaga. Regularly found on the European circuit, bringing his decaying loops and intriguing declinations to an always engaged audience. Prolific creativity surges out of NHK Koyxzen, demanding of an intense work-rate, particularly when considered in combination […]

So Low Suicide

So Low Suicide is an avant-garde indie performance collective from Berlin in Germany made up of  Sasha Matteucci (vocals / harmonium / piano), Bartholomew Sammut (low –fi effects), Rosanna Lovell (clarinet) and Vanessa Kreutz (violin). You can tell this isn’t a rock ‘n’ roll outfit as the acoustic layers of symphonic instruments are laid out on […]

The Buccaneers

The Buccaneers is a new wave rock band based in Straubing in Germany. The quintet of Fiz (Lead Vocals), Chowie (Lead Guitar), Arlyn (Rhythm Guitar / Additional Instruments), Harry Gump (Drums) and Philipp (Lead Vocals / Bass / Mandolin) hail from Canada, Austria and Germany. Formed on the back of a late night pub session at the tail end of […]

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