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Iggy Azalea

Iggy Azalea originally from Australia is a hip-hop rap singer. There is something quite refreshing about the material Iggy Azalea launches on the world with a freshness and vitality that so-often fails to shine through the genre. There is an intriguing underlay of angst which is delivered with a confidence and sassyness that rents like a a […]


UKID is a hip-hop rock band from Glastonbury in England. Back in 2010 Ben-Jah (Lead Vocals), Glenn (Guitar), KJ (Bass), Joey (Drums) set out to make a difference, now having completed University they are even more determined. A combination which just demands attention – the geography of Glastonbury and Hip-Hop, not to mention rock. Reminding me […]

NHK Koyxzen

NHK Koyxzen – based in Berlin, Germany and originally from Osaka in Japan is the experimental techno / hip-hop musician and contemporary artist Kouhei Matsunaga. Regularly found on the European circuit, bringing his decaying loops and intriguing declinations to an always engaged audience. Prolific creativity surges out of NHK Koyxzen, demanding of an intense work-rate, particularly when considered in combination […]

OverTime – This is Me – Video Only

Missoula in the USA may well seem an out of the way location to find rap. As Tyler Bugatti of OverTime says – OverTime didn’t come from any hood. He didn’t rep any sets, and he’s never conformed to anybody to blend in. Hailing from Missoula, MT, rapping was the last thing he ever thought he’d […]

Tyson Willert

Tyson Willert is an alternative hip-hop artist, originally from Australia and now based in Los Angeles in the USA. Once again I am in a space I shouldn’t be, but hey Tyson Willert is a great space in which to sashay by mistake. In this instance the prancing ego is subsumed by a sound worthy […]


Sylva-Maria is a hip-hop reggae singer from Chicago in the USA. Although predominately working on her own, Sylva-Maria does work on ad-hoc projects with a regular team, the Knights of the Mic. Not a genre that often takes my fancy, but I was immediately drawn to the warmth of the vocal and the music is mellowed with the reggae […]

The Ill Funk Ensemble

The Ill Funk Ensemble is a groove funk hip-hop outfit from New York in the USA. Having started life back in 2006 - Jermaine Wells (Lead vocals /freestyle), BJ FitzGerald (Guitar / vocals), Duane Etienne (Bass / vocals), Joe Stoner (Keyboards / vocals) and Dennis Brooks (Drums / vocals) have remained committed and dedicated to releasing a sound that resonates in their […]


Klassik is a solo hip-hop jazz musician from Milwaukee in the USA. Early on Saturday morning as I type, I find myself somewhat surprised by the world as I listen to a fusion of Jazz and hip-hop, two genres I struggle with, but my face is wreathed in a smile. A highly proficient alto-sax and pianoforte player, […]

Nomad Carlos

Nomad Carlos is a ‘Miami born, Kingston bred’ hip-hop artist, making a big impact on the scene in Jamaica. Lyrics that relate to everyday life and impeccable delivery make him well worthy of praise. Nathan Sturgeon has set out to pursue his own career in music, so this may well be the last review from Nathan […]

Sunny Jackson

Sunny Jackson is a poetic beats hip-hop soloist from Los Angeles in the USA I was wondering about writing about Sunny, not through his own fault, but simply every-time I come across rap, poetic beats and hip-hop I immediately reference John Cooper Clarke, which is a little like comparing Shakespeare to Keats, irrelevant but it lies in […]

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