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Pauline Andrès

Pauline Andrès is a singer song-writer based in Berlin - Germany who originally emanates from France with an alternative take on Country delivered with a wry smile.

Pauline Andrès

Pauline Andrès

Collaborating with others such as Jack Cassel, her songs are created from bar-room stories across Europe and hence she describes her music as liquor soaked alt-country – which is as good a description as any.

The absolute pleasure to be gained by the music is its very rawness and almost spoken lyric delivered in similar style to Bob Dylan. The sparseness of the music provides it conversely with its powerful context and she is able to paint stories which resonate of the environment of their creation.

There is nothing soft and gentle on offer as the material seeks to reflect on the harsh and brusque spaces of the dingy bar-rooms, not sunlit Parisienne cafés overlooking the Seine, rather it is redolent of that of run-down docks from whence it emanates. The brutal story-lines are delivered in perfect syncopation with the music and vocal.

Whilst there is only a limited amount of material to hear at this stage, as Pauline has not long settled in Berlin to compose the musical score, I look forward to further out-put. She is however busy on the Berlin live scene and judging by the recorded material, I would envisage this to be a superb evening out.



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