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So Low Suicide

So Low Suicide is an avant-garde indie performance collective from Berlin in Germany made up of  Sasha Matteucci (vocals / harmonium / piano), Bartholomew Sammut (low –fi effects), Rosanna Lovell (clarinet) and Vanessa Kreutz (violin).

So Low Suicide

So Low Suicide

You can tell this isn’t a rock ‘n’ roll outfit as the acoustic layers of symphonic instruments are laid out on the stage. Songs of love, tragedy and death  are the staple diet of the melancholic soundtrack that So Low Suicide deliver. Reflecting on a disparities of surprising circumstances including the problems of being lost in the desert are given an airing with tracks ranging from under a minute to well over four, sometimes accompanied by instrument, other times not.

There is little the quartet are not prepared to explore in their musical journey and to their credit, it is an absorbing space in which to dwell. As with all experimental structures, there is no point arriving in the environment with a closed mind or an expectation of structured flowing songs, though they are able to deliver that too where appropriate.

It is when I find myself exploring the edges of creativity that I particularly enjoy what I do and So Low Suicide add to that sense. I am also smitten by the instruments deployed, which are not only those not to be expected, they are also deployed in unusual ways.

Definitely one to add on my ‘experimental’ play-list and a welcome addition to the Indie Bands Blog. So thanks Bart for making contact.


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