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From Berlin in Germany we find Beate von Shuffle (Drums), Skeet (Synths) and Vadot (Guitar / Vocals) who make up the electro-retro band Vadot.



Busy gnarling away at the shins, you will find Vadot with their retrospective of the world which despite the East- West Wall being destroyed stills feels of the same oppression, Delightfully encapsulated in the material that slithers out of the speakers – glueing itself against the walls to inveigle the listener to give up hidden depths and secrets as you whirl around in a sultry smoky dance-floor that doesn’t exist.

This is a stunning take on smoke and mirrors, as the trio snake around the listener, promising a beguiling moment, before flitting off to a new spot and of course the brain acquiesces. Sublimely composed music challenges both the epoch and the follower and suddenly we find ourselves those being piped in Hameln. Vidot wrap up the electronics of three decades past and sweep up today in a mere flick and you just get the feeling this heads on for generations to come.

No, the constructs don’t challenge, but complicated musical constructs is not what this is about – the atmospherics take the audience on a far more complex journey in which to revel, enjoy and float, as the overall theme is a flotsam of unrequited ambition.


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