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Madlife a rock band from Los Angeles in the USA is Angry Phill (vocals), Isaiah Stuart (guitars), Kyle Cunningham (drums), and Carlos Pagan (bass). Having undergone various iterations since their formation in 2000 one thing has remained constant, a hard driving rock to accompany a lyric seething an anger. Remaining resolutely independent it is a pleasure […]


Target:Renegades formerly known as Hellbound Rebels is a rock band from Warrington in England. The line-up of Adam Hulse (vocals), Dan Fido (guitar / vocals), Jack Hamnett (bass) and Steve Erskine (drums) decided on a name change as after extensive touring they began to develop a more thoughtful sound and felt that there was strong differentiator warranting a fresh start. The […]


Medic is a rock band from Denver in the USA. The four piece line-up of Aaron Wagner, Dominick Wagner, Miller Harveaux and Drew Barnard got together in early 2011 have a far more developed sound than may be expected. Sitting in what is a crowded genre and a genre which it is difficult to raise even the vaguest pique […]

Mont Go

Mont Go is a rock band from Cuxhaven in Germany comprising Olly Lagemann (Bass), Stephan Wagner Krüger (Vocals / Drums) and Marco Paladino (Guitar). It was a little while ago that I was connected to Mont Go and they have sat in my inbox for far too long. On a day like the one I have had […]

Wings of Apollo

Wings of Apollo is a rock band from Nashville in the USA. The trio of Jesse Korby (Guitar / Vocals), Pat Graves (Bass) and David Martin (Drums) who met at high-school have been honing their skills now since late 2007 have just released their debut eponymous LP. Why the delay you may wonder, well due pretty well to […]

Utah Raptors

Utah Raptors is a rock band from Essen in Germany, which formed in 2011 *** *** An update posted 9th August 2012 – Joe Sick is no longer with the band, which is now a duo. Once the out-fit has settled with the new line-up I will get an updated review written – time for […]

The Struts

Thanks again Nathan , you will get to know the style – Nathan Sturgeon writes reviews comparing current bands and actually gets to the point. Luke Spiller (Vocals), Addo Slack (Guitar), Jed Elliott (Bass) and Gethin Davies (Drums) make up Derbyshire, England based indie band The Struts. I coincidently know Gethin, who joined the band earlier this year.  […]

Leaving Venus

Leaving Venus is a rock band from Hickory in the USA. Michael Miller (Guitar / Vocals), Thomas Grell (Bass / Vocals) and Chris Cornwell (Drums / Vocals) spin out creative rock ballads with deft capability. Oh how times change. When I was growing up, the focus of fantastical, but possibly achievable space exploration was Mars, but […]

Son and The Holy Ghosts

Son and The Holy Ghosts is a rock band from Palma de Mallorca in Majorca on the Balearic Islands a sharp advocate of Estado de las Autonomías but still from Spain nevertheless. Guillem Mesquida(Acoustic Guitar / Electric Guitar / Vocals), Josep Verdera (Drums / Backing Vocals), Joan Grimalt (Electric Guitar / Slide Guitar / Lap-Steel / Pedal-Steel / Backing Vocals), Xisco Carbonell (Electric […]

Running the Risk

Running the Risk are the archetypal rock band, recently having completed the line-up Nicki Taylor (Vocal), Nick Bell (guitar),  Curtis Corwin (bass) and Aaron Cohan (drums) are from Los Angeles in the USA. Well here it is, winter has finally arrived, cold and misty, but the day brightened up when I caught an email from Nicki introducing Running […]