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Mincer Ray

Graham, Cate and Sean make up Mincer Ray the retro-rock band from Berlin in Germany. This feels so retro – I got in to a time-capsule – but it spat me out and suggested I take another listen and we find, whilst resonating of days gone by a currency in material that perfectly suits the mood […]

Train Robbers

Train Robbers is a retro indie rock band from Sydney in Australia. Geoffrey (Vocal / Guitar), Jamie (Guitar),  Nicon (Bass) and Jared (Drums) who draw influences from 60′s British rock and roll. With ease, the mind is transitioned to Carnaby Street in its heyday. Having emerged out of Archerbolds they have spent the past two years garnering a […]

Lamont James

Lamont James, played some music, got a B.Sc moved back to the home-space of Toronto in Canada and now plays more music. A multi-instrumentalist, classically trained musician, Lamont James is un-ashamed to add other musicians as and where it makes sense, though ever insistent it is his vocal. Heading back to the late ’60s and British rock, I […]