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Mont Go

Mont Go is a rock band from Cuxhaven in Germany comprising Olly Lagemann (Bass), Stephan Wagner Krüger (Vocals / Drums) and Marco Paladino (Guitar).

Mont Go

Mont Go

It was a little while ago that I was connected to Mont Go and they have sat in my inbox for far too long. On a day like the one I have had today, this is a sound that drills into the nerves that need invigorating and once again I find myself in a good frame of mind.

Rip out the volume control and let that roaring guitar scream in to the room as the drums stomp out the tempo and the bass layer a thumping sandwich, whilst over it all resonates a genuine vocal. I particularly revel in the location from which Mont Go emerge, which is also known as the middle of nowhere and it is when bands can battle so hard against the mundane surrounding to deliver a sound that draws audiences in from more active spaces that my hat is raised and these guys do it with ease.

Eschewing the far more commercial English lyrics, they throw out a challenge to broader audiences and you know what – when you hear the sentiments you are completely in tune, regardless of whether you are a fluent German speaker or don’t have a clue, such is the power of the music.

Despite it sitting in the rock genre – Mont Go sit on my playlist and they should yours in my opinion.


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