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The Buccaneers

The Buccaneers is a new wave rock band based in Straubing in Germany. The quintet of Fiz (Lead Vocals), Chowie (Lead Guitar), Arlyn (Rhythm Guitar / Additional Instruments), Harry Gump (Drums) and Philipp (Lead Vocals / Bass / Mandolin) hail from Canada, Austria and Germany.

The Buccaneers

Formed on the back of a late night pub session at the tail end of 2005, the ethos hasn’t changed, although there have been personnel changes along the way, as the music starts you just need to reach for a Liffey water Draft Guinness. The Celtic influences are not corny copy, as the songs are well composed and delivered with immense proficiency.

The massive tunes just demand a sing-a-long session as the thumping beats slide under the feet and the next thing you know you are lifted in to a crowded dance-floor in a pub having a great time. To actually pull of this easy sounding and highly engaging material does require strong cohesion and ability, which The Buccaneers do have in the shovel full.

This is a band I would definitely like to get to see live as their infectious enthusiasm and sense of enjoyment, whilst highly engaging in recording would without doubt be even better in the flesh.


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