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NHK Koyxzen

NHK Koyxzen – based in Berlin, Germany and originally from Osaka in Japan is the experimental techno / hip-hop musician and contemporary artist Kouhei Matsunaga.

NHK Koyxzen

NHK Koyxzen

Regularly found on the European circuit, bringing his decaying loops and intriguing declinations to an always engaged audience. Prolific creativity surges out of NHK Koyxzen, demanding of an intense work-rate, particularly when considered in combination with his live schedule, art and distribution label.

As with all experimental music, expect the unexpected, but in this instance Matsunaga retains at the core – a flow to the material which can be easily grasped, it is just up to the brain to grapple with the nature of the jig-saw puzzle of pieces that are being thrown in the air for rapid assimilation. Whilst heavily influenced by a long held interest in hardcore-techno it is also interesting that on occasion there are distinct sounds from Japanese traditions which slide in to the mix.

I won’t pretend this is going to be every readers cup of tea, but certainly well worth taking time out to dip a toe and experience something that sits some-way off the envelope.


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