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The alternative electro-pop duo Vimes from  in Germany is Azhar Syed and Julian Stetter.



Taking strides towards organ music, Vimes has a breathy floating sound that flows around the room as they take the latest electronics kit for a run out and veil it inside a Cathedral like experience. There is plenty of echo and distance to keep the listener engaged with the music, yet simultaneously it has a stark and gloom laden undercurrent that draws images of bats in a cave.

The rolling loops wrap the audience in a fine silk that despite the atmospherics creates an ambience of calmness and the louder the volume the more intricate the mazes of sounds become as the kaleidoscope of notes and pitches rattle around the head. The ambient nature of the tracks make this perhaps best heard in the chill-out zone, but there are sufficient bubbles to stand on its own rather than as an addendum to something else. Which is indicated by their ever growing touring success that will see Vimes heading out to South America.

The added bonus to the sound is the use of live instrumentation which enables the duo to step away from the shores of pure digital. With a new release that came out on the 2nd November 2012 – Upstairs – and a string of live performances, I would suggest one way or another this is a duo to get to know.


Upstairs is available on Upstairs - Single - VIMES*

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