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Millennium is the electronica duo of Norman Palm and Ville Haimala from Berlin in Germany.



Confidence saunters in to the room as Millennium deliver a sound that sits proud of its era. Reflecting on the age of facility at its height, the duo cock-a-snook to the world around with scant regard. Accessible on the formulae of the music alone, they are far more than a gathering of smart and well pressed pulses as the duo deliver in sonic form a humorous repost to the vagaries of plastic PR.

Wrestling with guttural ideologues, Millennium shine a spotlight on the iniquities as they deliver a sound that sits so naturally in the space that is Berlin. Were this to be just an underground sound there would be little value in suggesting you give it a moment of consideration, unless you live in Berlin, but there is far more to this material than the sheen and gloss.

Once again we find music of a mood and moment. I received this last week and whilst immediately engaged with the sounds, my head wasn’t in the space to explain what I was hearing, but another day and another time and I can slot this in to music that is more than just aurally interesting.


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