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Bye June

Bye June from Rockville in the USA comprise of Gil Kline (Vocal / Guitar), Gunner Sledgeski (Drums) and Daniel McGreal (Bass) oh and how I like a slice of irony Rockville and Bye June are exemplary. Americana comes shooting out of the speakers as we hit pop indie in the middle of summer, love the construct of Rockville and […]

The New Root

The New Root from Bristol in England are an enticing folk-rock combination of Trish Boothby (Vocal / Guitar), David Boothby (Guitar / Keys), Craig Livings (Bass) and Joel Mines (Drums). While we are in down time, The New Root have a sound to lift the spirit and head back to life. A timeless vocal stirs above the musical […]

Huff This!

Huff This! a musical collaboration - Alison Clancy (Vocal / piano / guitar),  Chris Lancaster, (Cello), Tony Long (Drums), Sonny Ratcliff  (Bass) and Molly Bearcub Allis (drums / Vocal) is from New York in the USA. Alison Clancy is a Dancer by training who graces the indie music turntable from time to time and on this occasion, she is reincarnated […]

Rehearsed Living

Rehearsed Living, are a three piece indie band from Sheffield in England, Steven Jones (vocals/guitar/drums) Simon Jones (bass guitar)and Ruth Davies (keyboard), who got together in 2010. Influenced by early ’80s Electronic/ alternative and with no doubt resonating out of the speakers, are the ghosts of Factory Records. The low-fi recording equipment the band use for their material […]

The Metric System

The Metric System, from Charlotte in the USA are a three piece mellow rock out-fit and the music seemed just perfect for the down-time between Christmas and the New Year. David Dorenfeld (vocals / guitar / piano / drums), Sean Beck (vocals / bass / percussion / synth / woodwinds) and Olivia Neal (drums / vocals) are emerging with their well […]


Izabo - Ran Shem-Tov (Vocal / Guitar), Shiri Hadar (Keyboards), Yonatan Levy (Bass) and Nir Manzur (Drums) emerged back in 2003 from Tel-Aviv, Israel and since then have ploughed a straight line.   Then from Anova Music, arrived Izabo and life felt warm again. The east and west collide in the Dead Sea and we can all lay back and wallow […]

Tallulah Rendall

Tallulah Rendall, based in London, England is - Tallulah Rendall (Vocals / Guitar), Jason Hart – (Vocals / Guitar), John Blease (Drums), Robbo (Bass) and Joanna Quail (Cello). Months ago I received an introduction to Tallulah Rendall and I was immediately smitten by the depth of the content and now over 10 months since that initial contact I am here […]

FM Belfast

FM Belfast marks a foray into Reykjavík, Iceland where I find the couple Árni and Lóa who formed the band in 2005 as an idea to send music to their friends, soon found Árni Vilhjálmsson and Örvar Þóreyjarson Smárason and here we sit, except we don’t really, as they say sometimes, you will find up to 40 […]

No Offense Intended

No Offense Intended, and you immediately know they speak American not English in La Paz, Bolivia. I think this is my first side-step in to Bolivia and I find  Fabiola Alarcon (Drums), Jose Angles (Bass), Alvaro Villarroel (Guitar), Ivan Peredo (Vocal) and Guilla (Synths), bringing some introspective indie rock to the table. Through the many iterations […]

Sound Of Sirens

Robert Doherty (Vocals), Michael Bray (Guitar), John Whicker (Drums), Pete Davies (Bass) and Ryan Garner (Keys / Synths / Backing vocals) are now the line-up of the Leeds in the UK based band Sound of Sirens, who originally formed in 2008. So why am I reviewing Sound of Sirens? Quite simply Rob, picked up on something I wrote on facebook, […]

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