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The Dark Lights

Currently based in London, but originally from Adelaide in Australia – Matt Ho (Guitars /  Synth /  Vocals), Alan Grillo (Guitar /  Synth) and Rachel Ho (Bass) The Dark Lights –  met up with Paul Andrews  (Vocals / Mini organ) and Paul Hayward (Drums) on relocation as so here sits the synthetic rock band. I am often presented with a plethora […]

Band of the Month January 2012

The English band – Talk to Angels – take the Band of the Month for January 2012. For more on Talk to Angels. Join the indie bands blog on twitter for the best music from around the world.      

The New Root

The New Root from Bristol in England are an enticing folk-rock combination of Trish Boothby (Vocal / Guitar), David Boothby (Guitar / Keys), Craig Livings (Bass) and Joel Mines (Drums). While we are in down time, The New Root have a sound to lift the spirit and head back to life. A timeless vocal stirs above the musical […]

Rehearsed Living

Rehearsed Living, are a three piece indie band from Sheffield in England, Steven Jones (vocals/guitar/drums) Simon Jones (bass guitar)and Ruth Davies (keyboard), who got together in 2010. Influenced by early ’80s Electronic/ alternative and with no doubt resonating out of the speakers, are the ghosts of Factory Records. The low-fi recording equipment the band use for their material […]

Illegal Notes

Illegal Notes, from Lincoln in the UK are a four piece alternative rock band, who came in to existence back in March this year and three months ago changed their lead guitarist after Gav decided it wasn’t for him, have strong musical references to London of the early ’80s and early ’70s. Filled with vocalists - Chaz,  (Lead Vocal, Rhythm […]

The Great Last

About a year ago Matthew Davey (Vocals Guitar), Rory Ford (Drums), Callum Matheson (Guitar)) Thomas Howes (Keyboards/Synths) and Tom Baker (Bass) formed the North London, UK, based band The Great Last, they felt their epiphany moment arrived in April 2011 when a new audience took them to heart and so we now come to November – 7 months on. […]

The Future Shape of Sound

The Future Shape of Sound is a London UK based project spearheaded by - Alex McGowan and singer Big Daddy Kai, with Nomtai Mabo, Giacomo Braghi, Kevin Synnott, Julie Thorp and Danielle Mittee & The Meyer Dancers. Having started life in 2009, they have delighted fans of Northern Soul and Scratchy Blues with both their live performances and their recorded releases. Somedays the […]

The I.D.

From North London in the UK, The I.D. are a four piece band who have been around since 2009. Kevin Synnott (Guitar), Sean Brennan (Bass), Joel McBride (Drums) and Leo Cosendai (Vocals) generate a tight soundscape which brings in tones of the early ’80s 2nd generation punk bands. There I was gently trying to catch up with […]


Back in 2009, Ideals came to fruition in Ipswich when school friends Johnny Healey (Guitar),  Simon Wilson (Bass),  Andrew Major (Guitar) and Benjamin Ward (Drums) got together, they have since relocated to London, signing with Intruder Records and plans for a half dozen releases this year. In summation, guitar is the central string to Ideals, […]

Tall Ships

Tall Ships are a three piece band originally from Flamouth and now based in Brighton, in the UK. Ric (guitars, vocals, keys, drums) Matt (Bass, Keys, Sampler) and Jamie (Drums, Bass) got together while at The Arts College in Falmouth in late 2008. Playing as a guitar based threesome, it would be easy for the […]