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The New Root

The New Root from Bristol in England are an enticing folk-rock combination of Trish Boothby (Vocal / Guitar), David Boothby (Guitar / Keys), Craig Livings (Bass) and Joel Mines (Drums).

The New Root

The New Root

While we are in down time, The New Root have a sound to lift the spirit and head back to life. A timeless vocal stirs above the musical framework. The diction is a delight, but is that really a way to review a band? Yes, in this instance absolutely, The New Root are precise in pick, pluck, beat and press and the vocal adds to that delightful sharpness, like the lemon in a Gin and Tonic.

Folk-Rock – Surely you have got that wrong Tim? Well I bow to your greater knowledge, but while you are listening to Kate Bush, I am hearing Janis Joplin, but hey that’s Psychedelic isn’t it? Listen deeper and the sounds of Woodstock reverberate out of the speakers. You see, how we are already discussing iconic and this is where The New Root sit.

The precision and delicacy of instrumentation is just a jolt away from a break-down as the emotive contextualisation teeters on the brink and so The New Root take a foothold in the world of music, with some nervous tension to engage the listener. There is layer upon layer of craft-work on the out-put which is deserving of far more exposure.

So, I’ll just choose a video with appalling enunciation to take a wider telescope to the band.


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