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Huff This!

Huff This! a musical collaboration - Alison Clancy (Vocal / piano / guitar),  Chris Lancaster, (Cello), Tony Long (Drums), Sonny Ratcliff  (Bass) and Molly Bearcub Allis (drums / Vocal) is from New York in the USA. Alison Clancy is a Dancer by training who graces the indie music turntable from time to time and on this occasion, she is reincarnated as part of Huff This!

Huff This!

Huff This!

For the first time a cover track made me think – I want to explore more – and I am glad I did, Huff This! fronted by the Operatic Dancer Alison Clancy bring emotion to the core of the output. As visual artists the band explore the outer edges of acceptability and unlike the rap / hip-hop, ‘bad’ boys, actually fall over the cliff and for this I thank collaboration for being here, albeit that it may be a fleeting by-pass.

Were Huff This! merely visual evisceration there would be little value as a music website, but Huff This! have combined some highly talented musicians who are able to construct hanging scaffolding with consummate ease, challenging the listener to wander in the the space. Having entered the vortex, the music isn’t a hidden theorem, rather an entertaining deconstruction of the visual concepts.

True, this isn’t a sound to click on having come home from work, or happen upon on a night out, as it demands concentration and free-headspace, but that preparation is worth the effort.


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