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No Offense Intended

No Offense Intended, and you immediately know they speak American not English in La Paz, Bolivia. I think this is my first side-step in to Bolivia and I find  Fabiola Alarcon (Drums), Jose Angles (Bass), Alvaro Villarroel (Guitar), Ivan Peredo (Vocal) and Guilla (Synths), bringing some introspective indie rock to the table.

No Offense Intended

No Offense Intended

Through the many iterations of No Offense Intended; Fabolia, Jose and Alvaro have been a constant since ’08.

As a rock indie band, this conglomeration has some space to climb in a crowded sphere, but there is an essential core which hits the mark and no, I can’t nail it. Is it the effervescent guitar which spits out flames, or perhaps that bass which as it degrades pulls the ears to the floor? Ivan, who joined in ’10 sits the band squarely in the US space and I can understand this, but he has a far more reaching vocal which would reverberate far widely if only the telescope stopped heading North or over to Julio Iglesias.

There is some superb scratch which the band explore, intriguing and interesting and yet I feel unfulfilled. No Offense Intended are a band who have so much to offer and some sublime tracks to share with the world.

Simón José Antonio de la Santísima Trinidad Bolívar y Palacios Ponte y Yeiter, else known as Simón Bolívar, sits as a symbol for Bolivia, even though he was Venezuelan based and I just wish No Offense Intended would get more to the core of where they sit, as when they stop looking North, they are sublime and need no reference points.


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