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Tallulah Rendall

Tallulah Rendall, based in London, England is - Tallulah Rendall (Vocals / Guitar), Jason Hart – (Vocals / Guitar), John Blease (Drums), Robbo (Bass) and Joanna Quail (Cello).

Tallulah Rendall

Tallulah Rendall

Months ago I received an introduction to Tallulah Rendall and I was immediately smitten by the depth of the content and now over 10 months since that initial contact I am here and somehow this seems appropriate.

The music is coated in the smoke from a hookah of vocal that is Tallulah, sonorous and emotive, the vocal strides above the instrumentation. With the feeling of warm sand between the toes, the band melt in to the listener.

The Cello adds a drama to the material, which is a superb twist from an artiste who could have flown in many directions, but she and the band have stayed absolutely to the heart of their construct.

Some time needs to be set aside to gain full value from Tallulah Rendall and I would suggest a live performance, if the band arrives in your corner. Let’s hope they get on to the festival circuit as it would all fit the space.

Now, despite Tallulah and I exchanging emails, I have never got round to asking about the lack of footwear…


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