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Rehearsed Living

Rehearsed Living, are a three piece indie band from Sheffield in England, Steven Jones (vocals/guitar/drums) Simon Jones (bass guitar)and Ruth Davies (keyboard), who got together in 2010. Influenced by early ’80s Electronic/ alternative and with no doubt resonating out of the speakers, are the ghosts of Factory Records.

Rehearsed Living

Rehearsed Living

The low-fi recording equipment the band use for their material is what took me to their music with-out a moments hesitation. It would be good to see them out on the road, although at present they are writing and recording more material.

Rehearsed Living manage to take a trio and make it far more than the sum of the parts, as some melting vocal is run through the ears, whilst the music adds a delightful resonance. Joy Division are evidently an influence and on occasion I expected to see Ian Curtis re-incarnated, but this doesn’t play as an homage, as the band create sufficient twists and turns for the music for it to evidently have emerged from their own hearts.

I can hear Siouxsie Sioux emanating from the speakers, which is a testament to the vocal ability.

Feel Alive by rehearsedliving

Well, what more can I say, Rehearsed Living now sit on my playlist and for that I thank them.

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This is a band I look forward to hearing develop and getting an opportunity to meet up with in 2012. Please get out on the road more often and stop rehearsing…..

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