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Izabo Ran Shem-Tov (Vocal / Guitar), Shiri Hadar (Keyboards), Yonatan Levy (Bass) and Nir Manzur (Drums) emerged back in 2003 from Tel-Aviv, Israel and since then have ploughed a straight line.




Then from Anova Music, arrived Izabo and life felt warm again. The east and west collide in the Dead Sea and we can all lay back and wallow in the salt, as the band take a moment to amuse the ears. I am not sure which space I am sitting in as I listen to the band who keep spilling out of the speakers.

Psychedelic-Disco meets the shorthand of Izabo, though there is more to say. Influences from Eastern Europe wander in to the space and the audience is entranced by a combination of ’70s pop, ”60s psychedelia and ’10s (as in 1910) Istanbul.

This is a fascinating sound which stretches the ears to catch the nuances of the combination. There is a basic grounding to the band which engages, but on it’s own it isn’t enough and then up steps the combination and the whole band winds to another plane.

Don’t look too deeply, this is an amalgamation of influence and Izabo have encapsulated the whole, to reflect back with some shiny Summer sunshine sounds.



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