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Bye June

Bye June from Rockville in the USA comprise of Gil Kline (Vocal / Guitar), Gunner Sledgeski (Drums) and Daniel McGreal (Bass) oh and how I like a slice of irony Rockville and Bye June are exemplary.

Bye June

Bye June

Americana comes shooting out of the speakers as we hit pop indie in the middle of summer, love the construct of Rockville and Popville. That is not to take away from the value of the band, yes they flow along the themes of Green Flag saccharine, but they manage twists the sugar coating to add some deft sugar spirals.

There is a danger they will subsume themselves in the concept of ‘Twee-rock’, but there is more to these guys, I just hope they climb from under the rock and allow themselves the space they deserve, as when we find them emerging during track, like a tortoise out of the shell before ducking away again for an hour or so, there is some real value here.

My fear is that despite the potential to strike a chord for the new space that is the 2nd decade of the 21st Century they will still wander back to the beaten path, where they sound nothing other than a poor echo of a poor band.

Bye June are perhaps an exemplar of why the mediocre is mediocre, they are too timid. But the moment they let themselves get some slack, there is some superb stuff here….. Please let yourself go Bye June, or is it Bye June?


Ouch, that sounds so negative, no Bye June are superb, they just don’t realise it yet and keep hiding behind the shell of  ’this worked for someone else’. The moment they bask in the speakers the room turns golden.

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2 Responses to “Bye June”
  1. Peter K says:

    Did you see thier new stunning music video?

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