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Pennan Brae

Pennan Brae is a solo singer /  songwriter / instrumentalist from Vancouver in Canada with a strong visual element and a sense of exploration.

Pennan Brae

Pennan Brae

Pennan Brea and I have been in contact for quite some while and although I have managed to post some of his videos on Indie Music Videos, I never seem to have managed to scribble down my thoughts. On a bright Sunday  afternoon in mid-January, for some reason, the time seemed right.

I am reminded of a book my Sister thought I would like to read, which reminded her of me, in turn I can find a connection with Pennan Following Atticus: How a little dog led one man on a journey of rediscovery to the top of the world, available on Amazon*. Which reminds me my sister is a jewellery designer, so if you fancy wandering over to Creative Hands, that would be as cool as mustard.

That’s a lot of links and we haven’t got to the juice yet – Pennan Brae – While not pushing the edges of experimentalism, Pennan has a plethora of directions, each with a new twist. The music follows a recognizable construct, but the composition is highly creative. A warm vocal is the signature sound and never mind which path is followed, there is always a sense of space and freshness.

For a reason I am unable to fathom, Pennan always flies just under the radar, well – I even managed to miss getting a review written, despite my respect for the talent. Perhaps it is simply because the music fits like a favourite beaten-up jumper, I just feel comfortable and settled when listening to the music and can’t believe I haven’t written a review. I had to check three times just to make sure I hadn’t made a mistake that I had written nothing on the website thus far.

Time for Pennan to fly higher and get recognition for the undoubted abilities he possesses. Thank you Sir for doing what you do and please keep doing more of it.

The video is a mere sample of the time, effort and consideration Pennan Brae puts in to the finished product.


Early Rise is available on Early Rise - Pennan Brae**

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*Purchases made through the Following Atticus: How a little dog led one man on a journey of rediscovery to the top of the world Amazon link will result in the indie bands blog earning a commission.
**Purchases made through the Early Rise - Pennan Brae link will also result in the indie bands blog earning a commission.

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