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Jon and Lynn | upcoming gigs

Jon and Lynn, who have featured heavily on the website, including band of the month and band of the week have recently announced some gigs outside their home space. All in New York The Watercolor Café June 2nd – that’s this coming Wednesday, 7:30 PM. They’re on the main drag in Larchmont, which is a […]

Jon and Lynn LP review

Jon and Lynn, the Bass and Vocal from New York, who have featured heavily in the indie bands blog charts over the recent months, took the step of releasing an eponymous LP recently. When I received the CD a week ago, I wondered whether the stripped back bass and vocal could be sustained over an  […]

Jon and Lynn – The Folks Who Live on the Hill – New release

Jon and Lynn have been busy this past month putting together some new tracks and this week I have received their version of The Folks Who Live on the Hill. The request for some more images were picked up, thanks. This track shows a more playful Jon and Lynn as they create a lilting version […]

A message from Jon and Lynn

Having topped the band of the month chart in October, Jon and Lynn promptly disappeared on a tour, but they did want to send a message to the readers of the blog and for those who voted for them, to help them get to the top of the chart. My thanks to Jon and Lynn […]

Jon and Lynn New release – Downtown

Jon and Lynn continue to release new arrangements of classic tracks and this week, I have been sent Downtown: Downtown- Jon and Lynn I think this is perhaps one of their best arrangements, as the Bass is played to the extremity of its range with some fantastic slap and picking from Jon. I just hope […]

Jon and Lynn – Cry me a river

Having been busy pursuing projects for much of November, Jon and Lynn return to the studio to create a superb jazz blues version of Cry Me a River Cry me a river – Jon and Lynn I found myself drifting into a smoke filled cellar bar as I listened to this, a great rendition and […]

Band of the month – October 2009

On top of the top 20 chart for the Band of the Month for October are Jon and Lynn from the USA. Band of the Month October 2009 top 20 chart Jon and Lynn USA – up one place Mono Stereo Sweden – new entry Juliet Gough Denmark – up two places The Fury! UK […]

Jon and Lynn – Last Road to Home

Looking at the visualisation of Last Road to Home, it shouldn’t work, but once again and Jon and Lynn have shown that the duo makes it all happen as it should. On each occasion that it seems the duo are about to miss an instrument as Lynn reaches a pause, Jon responds with a bass […]

Indie Band of the week 31st October 2009 – Jon and Lynn

Top of the indie bands blog chart as for w/e 31st October,  Jon and Lynn are the indie band of the week. This week has seen four new entires to the chart and one re-entry with bands from 4 different countries making the top ten. Band of the week: Top 10. Saturday 31st October 2009. […]

Indie band of the week 24th October 2009 – Jon and Lynn

Top of the indie bands blog chart as  band of the week for w/e 24th October is Jon and Lynn. Band of the week: Top 10. Saturday 24th October 2009. Jon and Lynn USA (+ 1 place) The Fury! UK (new entry) Ofeliadorme Italy (new entry) Mono Stereo Sweden (- 3 places) The Drums USA […]

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