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New Year Ninety 2012 40 to 31

New Year Ninety 2012 positions 40 to 31 40 – The Damn Jammage (England) 39 – Psychic TV (PTV3) (USA) 38 – Junkstar (England) 37 – Fez (England) Nothing available to show or hear. 36 – Masters in France (Wales) 35 – Enter the Haggis (Canada) 34 – Evol (Scotland) 33 – Mono Stereo (Sweden) […]

Mono Stereo – Girl, I Love you – Single

Mono Stereo after some serious studio time have their new single Girl, I Love you – coming out on 20th June 2010 as a prelude to their upcoming debut album – Who Built the Pyramids? Girl, I Love You the A side, is immediately recognizable as Mono Stereo, with the signature, Ennio Morricone, guitar duo. […]

Band of the Week 5th December 2010

After a lengthy break, the band of the week on the indie bands blog chart, makes a return and congratulations go to Missing Andy, who take the top spot this week. The full chart run down, with videos: 1. Missing Andy – England 2. Islington Boys Club – England 3. The Brassic – England 4. […]

Mono Stereo at the Hoxton Bar and Grill

Thanks again to Andy Carlin for this review of Mono Stereo while they were on their recent UK tour. Recently I got the chance to go to Hoxton Bar and Grill for an Icelandic music night to see Mono Stereo, who are ironically Swedish not Icelandic. As I arrived for the gig I was surprised […]

Mono Stereo – Me and My Machine

I knew Mono Stereo were knocking about with Kramer to produce a new album and I was looking forward to hearing some of the out-put. Me and My Machine, the new single out on Monday 8th November, was well worth the wait. A year ago, I met the guys from Mono Stereo in Camden as […]

Mono Stereo – The London gigs November 2009

Sometimes a series of gigs is just destined not be what it was meant to be and Mono Stereo had one of those trips in November. On arrival in the UK, the band arrived in the UK at Stansted airport and everything was going well so they thought, but unfortunately admin caught up with them. […]

Band of the week 14th November 2009

Mono Stereo, from Sweden after the release of their EP this week and an eventful mini-tour in the UK, have returned to the number 1 spot on the indie bands blog band of the week chart. Band of the week: Top 10. Saturday 14th November 2009. Mono Stereo Sweden (+ 8 places) Reader’s Wives Ireland […]

Mono Stereo at Flowerpot Camden

I had promised myself that I would wait until I had photographs ready before I wrote the review of the Mono Stereo performance, but sometimes things can’t wait. Mono Stereo took to the stage last night in Camden, having had a week and day that would have put off most people, never mind a band […]

Mono Stereo -Space Out EP

On the 9th November Mono Stereo, from Sweden, release their four track EP Space Out available now on and are in the UK during the week for a three shows, with a tour in the UK, US and Europe planned for 2010, we will of course provide you more information as it is available on […]

Indie band of the week 24th October 2009 – Jon and Lynn

Top of the indie bands blog chart as  band of the week for w/e 24th October is Jon and Lynn. Band of the week: Top 10. Saturday 24th October 2009. Jon and Lynn USA (+ 1 place) The Fury! UK (new entry) Ofeliadorme Italy (new entry) Mono Stereo Sweden (- 3 places) The Drums USA […]

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