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iremembertapes. is an indie-electronica out-fit from Brighton in England. The trio of Tom Ferry (Vocals), Al Tutt (Guitar / Programing) and Ben Airey (Bass) released their new LP Human Architecture on the 13th March 2012 through The Animal Farm Records. I was taken in a time-capsule to the ’80s New Wave scene when never mind remembering tapes, most […]


Trabajo formed in March 2011 is from Brooklyn in the USA and comprises TJ Richards and Yuchen Lin. Electronic pulses of experimental sounds slosh out of the speakers and cavort in the open air bouncing against each other in a lazy loop. This is a great way to start the week. It is Monday as I write […]


YAWN an Indie-Sabar band from Chicago in the USA comprising Adam, Daniel, Jorge and  Sam. Were that all to say about YAWN, I wouldn’t have bothered with the introduction. What marks this band above the plumb-line is the influences from Senegalese Sabar drums, which blends in to a western rock and raises an cocked ear. Far from […]

Band of the week 22nd to 28th April 2012 Top 5 chart

The Band of the week Top 5 chart for  22nd to 28th April 2012 on the indie bands blog features bands from 3 continents. 1. Friday Avenue (USA) 2. Oh So (USA) 3. Rigna Folk (Germany) 4. The Mean Season (USA) 5. The Cambodian Space Project (Cambodia) Join the indie bands blog on Google+ for more of […]

The Eversons

The Eversons from Wellington in New Zealand has just released its debut LP – Summer Feeling, which came out on ‘Lil Chief Records on the 23rd April. The indie-pop quartet of Mark Turner (Bass), Chris Young (Lead Guitar), Blair Everson (Guitar) and Tim Shann (Drum) – you will have noticed no mention of vocal, well that is because the band share […]

Mr. Meeble

Mr. Meeble from Phoenix in the USA is the trio of Devin Fleenor, Michael Plaster and Rick Heins together with a plethora of technology. If you ever wondered what Jean Michel Jarre would have sounded like were he now at the early stage of his career, Mr. Meeble provide the answer. They scoop up refrains from ’70s psychedelia […]

Underwater Tiger

Underwater Tiger is an alternative rock band from New York in the USA. Two sets of brothers Matt Furstoss (Vocal / Drums), Nate Miner (Vocals / Piano / Guitar), Ron Furstoss (Bass), Andy Miner (Guitar) and Anthony Furstoss (Guitar) got together in 2010 and decided to unveil their take on the world. With little time for sibling rivalry they have […]

Soul Circus

Soul Circus an indie rock band from Leeds in England is working hard in the recording studio this year as the quintet of Lloyd Bradley (vocals), Paul Wainwright (guitar), Tom Matthews (guitar),  Adam Marshall (bass) and Martyn Guy (drums) have a double A side scheduled for the 14th May Burn The Map / The Consequence of Youth and an EP […]

The Chapman Family

The Chapman Family from Stockton-on-Tees in England burrowed away out of recorded sight for a couple of years, but the expanded line-up of Kingsley (Vocals / Keys), Pop (Lead Guitar), Owen (Guitar), Scott (Drums) and Kevin (Bass) haven’t been disappeared, they have been working on new material and on 18th June will be releasing their new EP Cruel Britannia. What […]

Lucid Fool

Lucid Fool is a lo-fi psychedelic rock band from Vancouver in the USA. The trio of Cody Railey (Guitar / Lead Vocals), Brandon Clark (Drums / Backing Vocals) and Oliver Godson (Bass) have been around since the turn of the decade and are building up a back-catalogue of material. I often find my-self garnering information of a […]

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