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The Eversons

The Eversons from Wellington in New Zealand has just released its debut LP – Summer Feeling, which came out on ‘Lil Chief Records on the 23rd April. The indie-pop quartet of Mark Turner (Bass), Chris Young (Lead Guitar), Blair Everson (Guitar) and Tim Shann (Drum) – you will have noticed no mention of vocal, well that is because the band share out the vocal amongst each other, are good friends who take a perspective on growing up in New Zealand with an eye to the wider world.

The Eversons image

The Eversons

The Eversons combine humour to take a wry look at the world around them. The music has an up lifting sense of irony which rattles along nicely with the music, which has an open surf-pop feel to it, whilst in recording the band members want to retain an as live feel, so on the album instruments were recorded live, which gets in to the spirit of the band.

Away from the vivace delivery the band play a clean line musically, with the instruments creating a frame in to which the lyric sits as the star performer. With the switching between vocalists, this enables each player to have the opportunity to shine. The compositions don’t drive new fissures in to the world of music, but that isn’t what the band is about. The material retains an interest, with a context and neat use of the two guitars, but it is the wry lyrics that is the real gravitational pull to The Eversons.

The audience can’t help but get involved in the spirit of the moment.


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