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YAWN an Indie-Sabar band from Chicago in the USA comprising Adam, Daniel, Jorge and  Sam.



Were that all to say about YAWN, I wouldn’t have bothered with the introduction. What marks this band above the plumb-line is the influences from Senegalese Sabar drums, which blends in to a western rock and raises an cocked ear.

Far from being a chasmal void the material takes a reference point which furrows in to the head turning indie-pop in to a space of exploration without being a self-indulgent exposition of musical snobbery. This doesn’t sit easy on the ears on first listening as the experience takes the listener on a voyage of discovery, where preconception of structure flies out of the window, but the longer the head has to switch to the space, so the more the sound makes an exciting diversion.

This is a neat little stake in the ground in which to stay a while as YAWN demonstrate the ability to stitch a diaspora in to an homogeneous  agglomeration.


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