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Mr. Meeble

Mr. Meeble from Phoenix in the USA is the trio of Devin FleenorMichael Plaster and Rick Heins together with a plethora of technology.

Mr. Meeble

Mr. Meeble

If you ever wondered what Jean Michel Jarre would have sounded like were he now at the early stage of his career, Mr. Meeble provide the answer. They scoop up refrains from ’70s psychedelia and hurtle them forward in time to emerge with their own experimental space rock.

The connection between instruments and electronics creates material which demands the listener get comfortable, switch off their mind and join in the journey which fuses with the shiny appearance of a soldered mother-board. It would be easy for the band to over-do the effects, yet they are able to stay on the right side of the line to deliver an engaging journey for the ear drums.


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