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Soul Circus

Soul Circus an indie rock band from Leeds in England is working hard in the recording studio this year as the quintet of Lloyd Bradley (vocals), Paul Wainwright (guitar), Tom Matthews (guitar),  Adam Marshall (bass) and Martyn Guy (drums) have a double A side scheduled for the 14th May Burn The Map / The Consequence of Youth and an EP scheduled for September 2012. They haven’t forgotten to turn up to play live and continue to enrapture their fans as they continue to play across Great Britain.

Soul Circus

Soul Circus

Just feel the need to back-peddle a little here. I specifically mentioned Great Britain, as opposed to the UK, as far too few bands take a trip to Northern Ireland, which is a great pity as when I was playing in a band we had a myriad of bands who made and continue to make a massively important impact on the UK music scene – Stiff Little Fingers and The Undertones, to name just two and the music scene in Northern Ireland continues to remain vibrant. Which for no reason whatsoever reminds me – I seem for some reason to be reviewing bands via Super Cat PR – this is the second of their introductions today, a firm from whom I enjoy receiving an email.

Enough of Geo-politics and PR firms I hear the plaintiff cry, what about Soul Circus….

A sparkling vocal melts in to a munificence of rock constructs. Unafraid to leave the drum and bass to lead the way, what more could my ears desire?

There is some considerable pleasure to be taken from wallowing in the unfolding nets that the band unleash on the ears as they catch the tympanic membrane within carefully crafted material, which has the essential deconstruction that ensures the band emerge from the sound-desk as genuine delivery, not a glitter-ball of self-aggrandisement. As testamented by, the short leather jacket and buttoned up shirt which isn’t tucked in. As Julie always told me. ‘For goodness sake Tim, what do you look like?’ Every-time I took the shirt out of the trousers… so says the man who still believes sartorial elegance demands black on black on black.


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