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Underwater Tiger

Underwater Tiger is an alternative rock band from New York in the USA. Two sets of brothers Matt Furstoss (Vocal / Drums), Nate Miner (Vocals / Piano / Guitar), Ron Furstoss (Bass), Andy Miner (Guitar) and Anthony Furstoss (Guitar) got together in 2010 and decided to unveil their take on the world. With little time for sibling rivalry they have so far released three singles, four videos and an album, not to mention extensive live appearances.

Underwater Tiger

Underwater Tiger

The quintet combine delicate vocal harmonies with well paced percussion and guitar, whilst the addition of the piano adds a further dimension to the material. The well balanced songs create a powerful sound-track that is sublimely delivered by the individuals.

Whilst many families can’t even agree where to sit at lunch, Underwater Tiger demonstrate genuine respect for each other, with each member providing an essential ingredient. I am somewhat reminded of a layered cocktail, with the way that the band arrange the out-put leaving the ears to pick out each instrument, yet cohesively it is of far more intrigue.

For a relatively new band the Underwater Tiger belies it’s vintage, as sympathetic structures are delicately folded one over the other to create a sense of refinement, yet the essential energy of the music isn’t hidden from view.

Their most recent release being the debut LP Where Miles Become Meaning, which appeared at the end of March 2012.


Where Miles Become Meaning is available on Where Miles Become Meaning - Underwater Tiger*

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