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Trabajo formed in March 2011 is from Brooklyn in the USA and comprises TJ Richards and Yuchen Lin.



Electronic pulses of experimental sounds slosh out of the speakers and cavort in the open air bouncing against each other in a lazy loop. This is a great way to start the week. It is Monday as I write – the inventive flashes of inspiration sharpen the mind to accept new concepts. It is good to hear zany experimental steam-punk remains a developing creative strand of music.

This is not music in which to draw particular references as Trabajo seek to challenge the listener in a similar vein to visual artists. The only minor gripe I have is that the material would be even more resourceful were the tracks allowed to develop for longer, as they are typically on about the three  to four minute mark. That may come as a surprise to regular readers, as I normally applaud brevity, but this is a sonic space in which around the five to six minute mark enables the head to get in to the material being delivered.

I look forward to hearing  Trabajo developing the confidence to push the edges a little further and a little longer.


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