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Elephant Stone

Elephant Stone from Montreal in Canada, shone in to focus with their debut album, The Seven Seas, back in 2009, but as ever, I have been sitting on info for a while. Rishi Dhir, Bobby Fraser, Gab Lambert and Jules Pampena create a suitable back-drop as I write this on a lazy Sunday afternoon.

Elephant Stone

Elephant Stone

I seem to have gone all 360 Degree Music introductions this afternoon, as yesterdays entry was also originally introduced by the London label, both written on Sunday.

Sacrilegious as it all seems to many of those involved in music, I am not a fan of The Beatles and when I first took a listen to Elephant Stone my head went in to bleeding brain mode. However as Laurence, yes we have met him before, had sent me an email, I persevered and I am delighted I did. Superficially the sound of retrospectives of The Beatles  bounces in to the room like a puppy chasing Andrex rolls, however, there is far more depth and value. let’s move on to the good news…

Spaced guitar gives the vocal room to breathe as a smoking tandoori caught in the breeze, wafts intoxicating vapours from the speakers, ensconcing the listener in a reverie of comfort and calm. Elephant Stone play influences of the Sub-Continent of India gently weaved in to the fabric of shoegaze  and the over-all effect enthralls the ears.

The band capably wrap the audience in a gauze of psychedelia, well worth a few hours of a weekend.


The Glass Box, available on The Glass Box EP - Elephant Stone is a good place to start whilst awaiting the release of The Soundtrack of Our Lives, due out in the Autumn to coincide with European tour running from October to mid-November.

If you are interested in writing reviews of live gigs, where-ever you live in the world, contact Tim.

*Purchases made through the The Glass Box EP - Elephant Stone link will result in the indie bands blog earning a commission.

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