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Delica-m, is a band fromToronto in Canada - Herm (vocals / Keys), Em (vocals), Rich (guitar) and Steve (stunt keys) push out in intriguing electro-pop sound.



Perhaps it is because I was just reading a press release about a Metal Festival, but the vocal is a touch of magic with Delica-m, taking the band away from an arty electro-band to something far darker as the transfixing vocal fills the room.

Interestingly the tracks are fairly lengthy, normally running at well over 4 minutes and regularly stretching to a full 5, but my sparrow mind remains completely locked in to the sound floating around the room. For sure the band can and do wander in to the spaces of Human League, but their real strength lies in the juxtaposition of directed vocal and wandering synths, more akin to Tubeway Army, if for some reason I need to narrow this down further and yes, I feel that need.

The keyboards are set free to explore a myriad of spaces, whilst a deep burgundy velvet gloved tempo massages the music forwards and a guitar frames the output. You can’t help but get the feeling you have stumbled in to an invitation only goth party as Delica-m stand nearby proffering  VIP tickets. Do you take the invitation, or run a mile, I suggest far better to accept and wallow in the resonating sounds that will bounce inside your head.


Hyperstimulus is avaible on Hyperstimulus - Delica-m*

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