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Michele Ari

Michele Ari is a New Wave singer songwriter currently based in Portland in the USA. An itinerant traveller, Michele always performs with a full band which she forms or collaborates with based on her material and location. I seem to have stumbled upon a scene of fascination in Portland as this is the second time […]


12:27 is an alternative indie rock band from Heckmondwike in England – comprising Thom. P Smith (Lead Vocals / Rhythm Guitar), Ash Ingham (Lead Guitar / Backing Vocals), Dan Howard (Bass / Backing Vocals) and Billy Stowell (Drums). I hit play and immediately found myself engorged in a sound I recognize. The band delivers a resounding punch to the mid-riff […]

Band of the week top 5 chart 23rd to 29th December 2012

Dominated by bands from the USA with the one addition from Belgium we find Running The Risk heads the chart for the last full week of 2012. 1. Running The Risk (USA) Talk Talk is available on * 2. Ali Young (USA) Love Animal is available on * 3. La Fin Absolute Du Monde (USA) […]


Horroscopes a dream rock band from San Francisco in the USA is Angel Villon (Vocals / Keys), Nick Rose (Bass), Greg Promani (Guitar / Synth / Vocals) and Jon Uribe (Drums / Vocals). Easy samba beats float in to the room under a shroud of magic mushrooms and the listener is encouraged to lay supine and sip indulgently to the […]

Unwed Mothers

Unwed Mothers is an alternative rock band based in Edmonton – Canada. Originally formed as a project by Julie Adams (vocalist / guitar /keys) the line-up now also includes: Michael James ( lead guitar); Kurtis Schultz (drums) and; Josh Eygenraam on bass. Having released Skeletons a single in late 2012, the band is set for their […]

The Antics

The Antics -  Luke Meisenbacher (vocals/guitar), Derek Rosengarth (guitar), Kyle Hammerschmidt (bass) and Josh Reitan (drums) – is a garage rock band from New Jersey in the USA. Originally formed in 2009 under the name Swimming With Piranhas by Josh and Luke - after line-up changes the band has settled comfortably in to the new line-up and band […]

Glimpse Trio

Glimpse Trio is an experimental rock band from San Leandro in the USA composed of Mike Sopko (guitar / vocals), Hamir Atwal (drums) and Chris Lopes (bass). Immediately accessible, you may on first glance wonder about the ‘experimental’ nature of the genre definition. That is somehow a testament to their abilities to meld in to the mix a complicated […]

La Fin Absolute Du Monde

La Fin Absolute Du Monde is superficially the ambient gaze duo of Jason and Chicky Myles based in El Cerrito in the USA. I was immediately smitten by the depths of sonics that penetrate the telencephalon with a gentle massage. There is an enchanting resonance which is emitted to the mind on hitting play and it is with some […]

Mont Go

Mont Go is a rock band from Cuxhaven in Germany comprising Olly Lagemann (Bass), Stephan Wagner Krüger (Vocals / Drums) and Marco Paladino (Guitar). It was a little while ago that I was connected to Mont Go and they have sat in my inbox for far too long. On a day like the one I have had […]

New Arcades – Remember The Nights – Audio only

New Arcades, a new outfit with only two songs to hear currently, is a synth pop band from London, England. It is at times like this I realize why I set up this section. Bands who are concerned about sending over to reviewers unmastered, unmixed tracks, sometimes have little to share and here ‘Audio and […]

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