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Glimpse Trio

Glimpse Trio is an experimental rock band from San Leandro in the USA composed of Mike Sopko (guitar / vocals), Hamir Atwal (drums) and Chris Lopes (bass).

Glimpse Trio

Glimpse Trio

Immediately accessible, you may on first glance wonder about the ‘experimental’ nature of the genre definition. That is somehow a testament to their abilities to meld in to the mix a complicated structure and beat in much of the work whilst retaining a sound that holds a resonance. Glimpse Trio is not seeking to redefine the constructs of rock rather to add to the mix an exposé of  the sounds of bossa nova and free-form jazz within the confines of a rock dialect and it generates an intriguing note which settles well on the ears.

There is a louche feeling to the material as it raffishly meanders in to the room like a muddy wet dog setting itself up for a shake-down on a pristine white carpet. On occasion vocal intersperses the alacritous fingers that sweep up and down the fretboard. The complexities delivered by the band decries the fact that there are only three players.

There is nothing to do but settle back and enjoy the music once the play button is hit and it is of little shock that they are well received where they play and I hope that 2013 brings a wider audience to the creative sounds that Glimpse Trio bring to the world of music.


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