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Horroscopes a dream rock band from San Francisco in the USA is Angel Villon (Vocals / Keys), Nick Rose (Bass), Greg Promani (Guitar / Synth / Vocals) and Jon Uribe (Drums / Vocals).



Easy samba beats float in to the room under a shroud of magic mushrooms and the listener is encouraged to lay supine and sip indulgently to the warming glove of material that Horrorscopes deliver. This is perhaps a band that is the antithesis to a Ronseal Band, as the nomenclature would easily lead the casual observer to anticipate something in a completely different refrain.

I have a shiver now and again over how the psychedelic rock of the ’60s and ’70s has been shuffled in to a new dimension, the same lazy-day languid riffs slowly meander out of the speakers, but it is brought to a cleaner focus as the instruments, recordings and mixes have evolved. That isn’t to suggest that the intoxication has been lost, but in tune with the 21st Century where free thinking seems to be an anathema so dream rock leads the listener with a gentle, but firm, hand.

Of course I find that frustrating, but that says more about me, than the currency of the second decade when it appears that so many just want to be told what to do and bands like Horroscopes fill that need with comforting cotton. So this fits perfectly of its age and will be well received, deservedly so.

Fuzz box is deployed in muted mode to deliver a sound that sits within the overall parameters of the sounds and the synths are shimmered in to the mix as necessary, everything is underplayed and understated and this is what makes the quartet of some considerable interest.


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