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Propeller from San Francisco in the USA is the garage surf duo of Greg Randall and Will Anderson. There is much delight to be taken from stripped and fuzzed fusions and Propeller is a deft exponent of the art-form. Somehow I find myself referencing The Ramones, despite there only being two players and whilst The Ramones would have played […]

The Antics

The Antics -  Luke Meisenbacher (vocals/guitar), Derek Rosengarth (guitar), Kyle Hammerschmidt (bass) and Josh Reitan (drums) – is a garage rock band from New Jersey in the USA. Originally formed in 2009 under the name Swimming With Piranhas by Josh and Luke - after line-up changes the band has settled comfortably in to the new line-up and band […]


Lazyeyes from Brooklyn in the USA is Alex Tararaka, Jason Abrishami, Paul Volpe and Jeremy Sampson who revel in lo-fi garage rock. With an EP in the wings I look forward to having the opportunity to hear more, but from what I have had the chance to listen to – this is a decent sounding quartet. The waving rolls […]

Reverb Adrenaline

Reverb Adrenaline is the duo of Jacob Chadwell and Tyson Lepinsk from Missoula in the USA with a blend of psychedelia. Well, well – once again we find ourselves in that conundrum of the difference between American and English. I can feel the adrenalin coursing though my blood as I listen to Reverb Adrenaline and more than that, with […]


Blondstone is a garage rock band from Nancy in France. The trio of Alex Astier (guitar / vocal), Nicolas Boujot (bass) and Pierre Barrier (Drums) released their debut EP – #1 –  in the summer of 2012. The band sound more akin to emerging from the depths of New York with their lyrical angsts over – relationships and starry-eyed reverence […]


Beechwood is the psychedelic garage pop duo of Gordon Marquardt (guitar/vocals) and Isa Tineo (drums) based in Orange, California (USA). I hit play and immediately my day of mud turned in to a delight. Originally from the East Coast of the USA they have relocated to an area filled with the lo-fi sounds that Beechwood deliver. Rather than […]


Siz is a new two piece band from Kumanovo in The Republic of Macedonia. Ivica Dimitrijevic (guitar and vocals) and Filip Stanchevski (drummer) have already released one thirteen track LP – Responsibility – to showcase their rummaged garage rock. This is a sound I shouldn’t understand as it is missing that vital ingredient of a thumping bass, […]

The Ovaltines

The Ovaltines is the garage lo-fi out-fit of Jaime Piacente and Dave Schurtman  from New Jersey in the USA. All the best of lo-fi garage rock spins out in to the room when play is hit and The Ovaltines is able to deliver something that is almost an oxymoron in the genre, there are effectively only two of […]

Maybe the Welders

Maybe the Welders is an alternative indie garage rock band from New York in the USA. The quartet of Greg Campbell (Vocals / Guitar), Declan Collins (Vocals /Guitar), Steve Ferrara (Bass) and Pitti (Drum) have been playing the club circuit for a while and are now spreading their wings wider. What a good way to start the day. Straightforward […]

Hoboken Division

Hobken Division is the garage rock duo of Mathieu Cazanave (Guitars / organ / harmonica / Kick / vocals) and Marie Rieffly (Vocals / organ /  drums) from Nice in France. Emerging from the Mississippi Delta Blues lies an engaging duo, who know how to turn a musical instrument or two between themselves and write a score. This is a duo with considerable […]

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