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Unwed Mothers

Unwed Mothers is an alternative rock band based in Edmonton – Canada. Originally formed as a project by Julie Adams (vocalist / guitar /keys) the line-up now also includes: Michael James ( lead guitar); Kurtis Schultz (drums) and; Josh Eygenraam on bass.

Unwed Mothers

Unwed Mothers

Having released Skeletons a single in late 2012, the band is set for their debut LP in the spring of 2013.

I have had the opportunity to take a listen to some of the tracks on the LP and look forward to the completed article. Unwed Mothers has a sound that is a soulful vocal and lyrical reflective on life’s relationship, that is scuffed to a rock resonance with driving percussion and bass which metronomically urges the music forward, the guitars whilst wrapped in melodic structures also get themselves dirty and the keys add a layer of bluesy atmospherics. The combination is a sound that injects itself in to the brains rhythms and the listener becomes a willing participant in the music unfolding.

Whilst the music has a structured feel to it, on the other hand there is a genuine syncopation between the lyric and compositions that bring it to life and it is perhaps that measured delivery that adds to the power of the out-put as the audience gets the feeling the realities of relationships, where things are left unsaid in the fond hope that it will be OK in the long run, whilst underneath lies a simmering resentment.

The real surprise about Unwed Mothers is the location, Edmonton, rather than the mid-west of the USA as the pot-pourri is strongly rooted in Americana before the added value is dripped in to the mix.

Gaining exposure in their home town with their powerful live performances, it would be well deserved break if the LP launches them across a far wider sphere as the new tracks I have had the opportunity to hear find the band in a far more expressive and open space.


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