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La Fin Absolute Du Monde

La Fin Absolute Du Monde is superficially the ambient gaze duo of Jason and Chicky Myles based in El Cerrito in the USA.

La Fin Absolute du Monde

La Fin Absolute du Monde

I was immediately smitten by the depths of sonics that penetrate the telencephalon with a gentle massage. There is an enchanting resonance which is emitted to the mind on hitting play and it is with some pleasure that I take this opportunity to introduce La Fin Absolute Du Monde to the Indie Bands Blog, but don’t be fooled, just as you settle in to the ambient rhythms so you will be jolted out of the reverie as the duo take a sojourn around the realities of the world around. Somewhat akin to when the muscles that require kneading are exposed and suddenly a sharp retort shivers across the brain, so the ambient relaxation of the duo can be ploughed in to in a moment.

Taking a plethora of schematics the band is unafraid to explore the extremes of relationships and values and it is this juxtaposition of sound and context that makes La Fin Absolut Du Monde such an intriguing space to explore.

The disturbing imbalances are superbly pitched and the listener is always kept on tenterhooks to discover the next layer of the map that the two creators will explore. It is of pleasure to discover an outfit that is more than happy to step out of the zone and challenge the listener, so it is with some considerable interest that I look forward to finding out how La Fin Absolute Du Monde evolves.


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