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Pedico is the New York based new wave trio with the ability to not take themselves too seriously of  Chris (Drums / Cowbells / Newport Mediums), Craig (Bass / Vocals / Theramin / Hair Gel) and Jake (Vocals / Guitar / Boogie Boarding). As regular readers know I don’t use the term punk and become enraged when others […]

Pet Tigers

Pet Tigers is a synth alt rock band from Las Vegas in the USA. Ryan Arcoraci (bass/ vocals), Liz Ofte (Keyboards/vocals) and Jesse Moran (drums) set out with the clear intention to form a new wave rock band with no guitar.  Pet Tigers challenge preconceptions and the ‘Keytar’ used by Liz, let’s her wander round the […]

The MDs

For our first trip to Puerto Rico we head to Cupey and find the new wave band The MDs comprising Jerry (Vocals), Rick (Guitars), Ian (Bass),  Fernando (Drums) and Ray Arturo (Keys). Not only was I smiling at finding a new country to introduce, but even more so the music. I am still having to wrest myself […]

Governor’s Luck

Governor’s Luck is an new wave band from Tiptree in England formed  when Jack Horscraft (Vocals), Manny Martinez (Bass), George Horscraft (Guitar) and Ben Daniels (Drums / Programming / Keys) got together in January 2011. Governor’s Luck What I find particularly fascinating about the current New Wave scene is how more melodic and layered it has become. Essentially at […]

The Active Set

The Active Set is an alternative indie band from Los Angeles in the USA. The three piece line-up is Matthew Stolarz (vocal / bass), Wayne Russell (guitar / vocal) and Francis Ramsden (guitar / keys / vocals). For live performances the band extends to five players with Keys – Damien Stolarz on Keys and Steve Coy on Drums. Shiny […]

Michele Ari

Michele Ari is a New Wave singer songwriter currently based in Portland in the USA. An itinerant traveller, Michele always performs with a full band which she forms or collaborates with based on her material and location. I seem to have stumbled upon a scene of fascination in Portland as this is the second time […]

Side Effect

Side Effect is a post new wave  agit-rock band from Yangon in Myanmar made up of  the trio of Darko C. (vocals/ guitar), Tser Htoo (drums/ vocal), Jozeff K. (bass/ guitar ) plus Hein Lwin (live bass player). Just occasionally my timing of band reviews is right. Side Effect play in Germany today –  3rd December 2012, as the opener to […]

The Hotelles

The Hotelles is the new-wave trio of brothers - Tom Easton (Vocals / Guitar), Ben Easton (Bass) and Sam Easton (Drums) from Tunbridge Wells in England. Tunbridge Wells is a surprising space to find young bands as it is the epitome off all that is worst with middle class Empire apologists in the UK, but this is the second time […]

Into Arcadia

Into Arcadia the alternative post-crash band based in Milwaukee in the USA comprises Otto Ohlsson (Guitar / Vocal), Kenny Buesing (Guitar / Keys), Antonio Ninham (Drums) and Zach Steiner (Bass). For those of a keen ear you will not be surprised to learn that Otto is originally from Manchester – England, as you will hear the sounds of Warsaw and Factory Records […]

The Gashers

The Gashers  a new wave rock band from Las Vegas in the USA comprises Jason (Guitar / Vocal), James (Bass / Vocal) and Sandy (Drums / Vocal) who emerged from the embers of The Peccadilloes. Current anger slams out of the speakers like a knuckle duster to the head. Brief high energy tracks are the hallmark that the band […]

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