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Michele Ari

Michele Ari is a New Wave singer songwriter currently based in Portland in the USA. An itinerant traveller, Michele always performs with a full band which she forms or collaborates with based on her material and location.

Michele Ari

Michele Ari

I seem to have stumbled upon a scene of fascination in Portland as this is the second time this month I have had the opportunity to write about music that sits naturally in my ears as it harks back to the era of ’70s and ’80s Punk Rock and New Wave with the material drawn on the realities of life.

This however is not a retrospective sound as out-put is brought fresh-faced to deal with current issues.  With three EPs behind her and a string of successful live performances across swathes of the USA there is an ever growing interest in her music in an international level, so it will be no surprise to see her playing to an even wider audience in short order.

Evidently a talented creator Michele Ari is able to deliver a broad spectrum of styles, which is always punctuated by personal challenge and delivered with a captivating vocal. Were this just vocal being considered then there would be sufficient ability and lyrical content to make this an act I would be pleased to introduce to the readers of the Indie Bands Blog, but there is more and it is the ability to cohere the songs within the context of the band which raises this a notch as it is far more than just a framework for a voice. As the lyrics twist between plain emotional naivety and complex thought the instrumentation fits neatly in to the sounds and the listener is left in no doubt that this is a musician who has much to add to the world of music.

To top it all of – of course – how could I not be intrigued by music which delves into the archive of my essential playlist and brings it out in a new suit with a presence which still makes perfect sense to my ears.

I look forward to discovering the path that Michele Ari cuts through the Social Fracturing that is the 1st Decade of the 21st Century.


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