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12:27 is an alternative indie rock band from Heckmondwike in England – comprising Thom. P Smith (Lead Vocals / Rhythm Guitar), Ash Ingham (Lead Guitar / Backing Vocals), Dan Howard (Bass / Backing Vocals) and Billy Stowell (Drums).



I hit play and immediately found myself engorged in a sound I recognize. The band delivers a resounding punch to the mid-riff as the rollicking drums blast their tempo whilst swirling around the two guitars intersperse with each other to decent effect. The bass and  vocal working nicely together.

12:27 also have a further trick up their sleeve where they switch to a lugubrious poets corner and whilst it takes a moment to connect with the vocal, the longer the pieces extend the more powerful and emotive the sounds become. This is a superb combination of styles which make 12:27 an extremely interesting band to hear. It comes as some surprise that the band isn’t better known throughout the rest of the UK, as they have been around for over two years and have a couple of releases behind them already – This Is The End Of Everything and Something Yet To Learn – with a tight and engaging sound, but such are the vagaries of music.

For now 12:27 seem to be one of West Yorkshire’s best kept secrets and I hope that 2013 provides the quartet a wider space in which to evolve, as they are well deserving of not only national, but international consideration.


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