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New Arcades – Remember The Nights – Audio only

New Arcades, a new outfit with only two songs to hear currently, is a synth pop band from London, England.

New Arcades

New Arcades

It is at times like this I realize why I set up this section. Bands who are concerned about sending over to reviewers unmastered, unmixed tracks, sometimes have little to share and here ‘Audio and Video Only’ works a treat as you know I won’t be writing a full band review, but it is a band you can expect to find out more of in due course.

While I am on my soap-box – as I regularly respond to bands in development – herein lies a reviewer who thinks that 4 track recordings are the height of sophistication, used to demo his bands material on a recording taken from a single mic plugged in to the back of a portable cassette recorder – I can deal with roughness.

So once again a plea to bands – I am not in the least bit interested in what the remixer did with your tracks, I will ignore most of it and the Indie Bands Blog gets to grips with the essence of a band and not the glossy lipstick and that is what the readers want too, else coming up to 150 000 fans of real music wouldn’t read the website – after all what will happen in live performance? A remix re-loop overdub 60 second delay?

But – I digress – New Arcades has some great potential and here is Remember The Nights.

website (be aware music plays immediately on opening)

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