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The Ambient Light

The Ambient Light is a dream rock outfit from San Gabriel Valley in the USA with the line up of Steven Martinez, Steve Lizarraga, Irvin Venedero and Chris Alvarez.  The Ambient Light take the listener on a journey cosseted in cotton wool as they bounce the ears around the theme park of transitions, always carefully handling […]

The Sea The Sea

The Sea The Sea is an indie-dream rock band from Oxford in England.  The five piece line-up of Matthew Clarkson, Danny Crane-Brewer, David Freeman, Stuart Norfolk and Matteo Cocco have a new limited edition CD available today – 20th April 2013 in support of record store day which is available at  Truck Store in Cowley Road […]


Horroscopes a dream rock band from San Francisco in the USA is Angel Villon (Vocals / Keys), Nick Rose (Bass), Greg Promani (Guitar / Synth / Vocals) and Jon Uribe (Drums / Vocals). Easy samba beats float in to the room under a shroud of magic mushrooms and the listener is encouraged to lay supine and sip indulgently to the […]