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Rollor – LP review – Beasts In Men Shapes

Rollor reviewed back in April 2012 has released a new LP – Beasts In Men Shapes. On this release Rollor has pared back the time-frame for the tracks with none lasting more than nearly 10 minutes, even managing one at just over two minutes. Vedik Sandskrit opens the album. Clear spaces emerge at the opening and […]


disgroove from Basel in Switzerland is an indie rock band who have recently thrown away the electric guitars for a more acoustic touch for the recording of their LP Best Redressed and the regular trio of Philippe, Tobi and Franky were accompanied by Bryan (keyboards), Chips (percussion) and Tobi (second guitar) for the duration. An interesting range of sounds emerge out […]


Moodyman is an electronic indie band from Buenos Aires in Argentina. Walter.C (Bass / Keys / Sequencer / Guitar / Mixers), Guillermo Stöltzing (Vocals / Guitar / Bass / Keys), D.J. John Cosani (Keys, Sequensers / Mixers), Mariono Acosta (Drums / Loops) have just finished recording their debut LP GET READY 4 ZOMBEATS. There is a delightful dark […]


Ottokraft from Paris in France is the solo composer William Dark who composes dark industrial electronics. The deep industrial beats hammer through the speakers before reverberating like a pneumatic drill around the room. Scintillating sounds are driven in to the brain as all the horrors of machinery on the verge of a nervous break-down clatters […]

Ugly Kids Club

Ugly Kids Club is the duet of Steve Wilson (producer/  songwriter / guitarist) and Aliegh Shields (vocalist / lyricist / guitarist), based in Nashville in the USA, who despite the instruments highlighted are a synth rock out-fit. Muted tones wing their way across the room as the electronics charge the room with flashing sparks and then a […]

Elevator Art

Elevator Art is a six piece alternative rock band from New Jersey in the USA. Mike Jonin (Vocals / Guitar), Daimon Santa Maria (Vocals / keys / Guitar / Flute), Jennifer Mustachio (Vocals / Bass / Ukulele), Joe La Scola (Drums / Percussion), Maureen McGowan (Vocals / Percussion) and Liz Dayback (Vocals / Guitar) mix up and add other instruments and switch vocals to deliver […]


Kevin is a psychedelic indie pop band from Helsinki in Finland. After some considerable time in existence Antti Alén (drums / percussion), Finn Andersson (bass / vocals), Jussi Ristikaarto (guitar / vocals) and Ville Särmä  (vocals / guitar) continue to plough their furrow of direction. A distinctive and highly recognizable sound emerges in to the room. With a slew of […]

Band of the week – 19th to 25th August 2012

Band of the week – 19th to 25th August 2012 on the Indie Bands Blog with bands from three continents.   1. Hunting Ulysses (England) 2. Billy One Move (England) Origin is available on * 3. Circle (Australia) The Middle is available on * 4. The Gashers (USA) Law is Not Order is available on […]

The Electric Modern

The London, England based synth rock outfit The Electric Modern has undergone some line-up changes since their formation back in 2008, currently featuring Dean Canty (Vocals/Guitar), Adam Sullivan (Guitar/Vocals/Synth), Jon Mytom-Hart (Drums) and John Bradford (Bass). There so often seems to be a synergy between my position as I write about a band and their music. Today […]


Sylva-Maria is a hip-hop reggae singer from Chicago in the USA. Although predominately working on her own, Sylva-Maria does work on ad-hoc projects with a regular team, the Knights of the Mic. Not a genre that often takes my fancy, but I was immediately drawn to the warmth of the vocal and the music is mellowed with the reggae […]

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