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The Chances

The Chances is an alternative synth-rock band comprising Johnny Kincaid (Vocals / Synth), Ned Wall (Bass), Dan Rankin (Guitar) and Justice Arkorful (Drums) from Brighton in England. Perchance I was having a conversation with a guy who works in a diversity of roles in the music industry as an advisor and do-er and our conversation settled around Brighton for […]

The Creptter Children

The Creptter Children is the noir synth rock out-fit centred around Iballa Chantelle (vocals / guitars) and N80R Creptter  (guitar / backing vocals / synths programmer) from Melbourne in Australia. Out come the deep purple velvet elbow length gloves to wrap up the audience as the intoxicating vocal experience that is Iballa as it weaves into the room […]

The Amatory Murder

The Amatory Murder is an alternative synth-rock band from Brooklyn in the USA. Centred around Christian Peppas (Vocals / Synth / Programming) Mario Drakos (Rhythm Guitar) and O.T. Turbold (Lead Guitar). Additional live performance players include - Richard Spitzer (Synth / Backing Vocals) and Michael Hunter (Drums). For some reason I found myself thinking of neon lights on hitting play. […]

Ugly Kids Club

Ugly Kids Club is the duet of Steve Wilson (producer/  songwriter / guitarist) and Aliegh Shields (vocalist / lyricist / guitarist), based in Nashville in the USA, who despite the instruments highlighted are a synth rock out-fit. Muted tones wing their way across the room as the electronics charge the room with flashing sparks and then a […]

The Electric Modern

The London, England based synth rock outfit The Electric Modern has undergone some line-up changes since their formation back in 2008, currently featuring Dean Canty (Vocals/Guitar), Adam Sullivan (Guitar/Vocals/Synth), Jon Mytom-Hart (Drums) and John Bradford (Bass). There so often seems to be a synergy between my position as I write about a band and their music. Today […]

The Dark Lights EP review The Boy Who Saw Through Walls

The Dark Lights have a new 4 track EP set for release today The Boy Who Saw Through Walls. Opening with The Eye a delightful introduction to the dark synthetic rock that is The Dark Lights. Three minutes in which to divest your inhibitions and slide in to the smoky atmosphere. Scintillating beats spread like tentacles sucking the accepting […]

Band of the week 18th to 24th March 2012

Hungry Ghosts, from York in England is the band of the week on the indie bands blog for week ending 24th March 2012. More on Hungry Ghosts Join the indie bands blog on Facebook to keep up to date with the best synth rock from around the globe.


Eutopia is a synth rock duo from London in England that emerged in 2011. Alexander Kotziamanis (Guitars / Vocals) and Leah Lennick (Keys / Synths / Vocals) rustle up an engaging out-put which rattles round the brain. Leah Lennick, reminded me so much of the ring of Lene Lovich, how could I not take a listen and far […]