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disgroove from Basel in Switzerland is an indie rock band who have recently thrown away the electric guitars for a more acoustic touch for the recording of their LP Best Redressed and the regular trio of Philippe, Tobi and Franky were accompanied by Bryan (keyboards), Chips (percussion) and Tobi (second guitar) for the duration.



An interesting range of sounds emerge out of the multi-lingual country that is Switzerland. disgroove has a developed regional touring presence which has been enhanced through the release of their fourth LP. It is an interesting idea to take the material and rework it into an acoustic setting and they have managed to add a resounding indie rock feel to it, but the acoustic setting has developed, unsurprisingly, a softer cloak in which to nestle.

On a personal note, I enjoy the harder and more granite sound that is the reference point for disgroove. The vocal retains its pivotal role in the sound, but within the acoustic setting it somehow doesn’t appear to have the powerful magnetism. A brave step in to new territory and one that the band has transitioned to with comfort. Sufficiently recognizable to retain the existing following, but with enough of a new taste, to attract a different listener in to the space.


Best Redressed is available on Best Redressed - Disgroove*

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