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Kevin is a psychedelic indie pop band from Helsinki in Finland. After some considerable time in existence Antti Alén (drums / percussion), Finn Andersson (bass / vocals), Jussi Ristikaarto (guitar / vocals) and Ville Särmä  (vocals / guitar) continue to plough their furrow of direction.


Kevin Photo by: Risto Vauras

A distinctive and highly recognizable sound emerges in to the room. With a slew of EPs behind them and a couple of LPs with a third – Ebb and Flow -  due out in Spetember 2012, Kevin, is as you would expect a group of competent musicians but competency is hardly a vote of confidence.

Whilst to my ears they do have a habit of falling on to the rails of mediocrity from time to time, when the quartet put their heart and soul back in to the reason why they started out those years ago, the listener has a treat in store. Delightful melodies which pull the ears towards the open spaces in Scandinavia are equally fascinated by the aloofness and idiosyncraticy of the material, which perhaps comes from those open frozen environs. Maybe to some extent explaining why Scandinavia remains such a cutting edge space for music, where the must go venue is the one that everyone wants to go to tomorrow that hasn’t been created today.

The quartet, when they set their mind to it, sit at the top of that must go sound.


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