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Kevin is a psychedelic indie pop band from Helsinki in Finland. After some considerable time in existence Antti Alén (drums / percussion), Finn Andersson (bass / vocals), Jussi Ristikaarto (guitar / vocals) and Ville Särmä  (vocals / guitar) continue to plough their furrow of direction. A distinctive and highly recognizable sound emerges in to the room. With a slew of […]

The Ugly Club

The Ugly Club is a psychedelic indie band from New Jersey in the USA. With a couple of EPs behind them, most recently Visions of Tall Girl,  Ryan Egan, Taylor Mandel, Rick Sue-Poi, Ryan McNulty and Joey Stasio are currently working on a debut LP scheduled for release in the summer of 2012. (that’ll be a Northern Hemisphere Summer […]

Groovy Star

Groovy Star is the vehicle the singer / songwriter / guitarist Michael Featherstone from Ilkley in England uses to reveal his psychedelic electronica to the world. Swirling sounds emerge from the speakers, with electronics accompanied by fused guitar generating a space which reminds me of Celtic folk    combined with funk. This is music which […]

Street Violence

Street Violence, a five piece band from Atlanta in the USA are Suzanne Baker (Vocal), Trevor Michael Vick (Guitar), Cole Grant (Bass), Will Raines (Keyboard) and Shawn Dillard (drums), who describe themselves as psychedelic punk rock, a description that certainly drew my attention. It’s not been the best day today, just got back from the dentist having completed a root […]

28 degrees taurus

28 degrees taurus are jinsen liu (Guitar / Vocal) and karina dacosta (Lead vocal / Bass) plus touring artists and are based in Boston in the USA. They describe their music as Psychedelic Shoegaze and I think we can run with that description. I imagined myself in some surreal far eastern market, surrounded by traders frozen in […]


Indica are a four piece band from Buenos Aires in Argentina. Having started life in 2004, the band now consists of Rubén Farzati (vocals & guitar), David Vera (vocals & bass), Pablo Fabregat (guitar) and Gastón Del Popolo (drums). Far more than a simple indie rock out-fit, Indica who take their name from a ’60s avant art-gallery in London, wrap together a melange […]

Strange Hands

Well I learn something new everyday, there I was thinking Bordeaux in France was merely the home of the best wines and food from around the world and then Strange Hands hit my inbox. Formed back in 2008, the trio of Victor, Melvyn and Lucas decided to eschew bass guitar and launch their take on […]